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Pursuant to FL’s Public Records Act, Fla. Stat. ch. 119, I am writing to request copies of City of Miami’s fiscal records concerning all unclaimed, undeliverable, overdue and/or outstanding funds or obligations, (ie: deposits or obligations NOT currently held by your state’s abandoned property division) in the amount of $1,000.00 or greater, currently held in accounts managed by the City of Miami, including any and all: 1. Called, matured, and/or currently redeemable municipal bonds or other securities issued by any City of Miami agency, and any outstanding or uncashed dividend payments associated with these securities. 2. Amounts on deposit with the City of Miami that are held in trust for recipients whose whereabouts are unknown, including instances in which payment was never attempted, payment was never requested, and/or instances when payments were returned as undeliverable. Such amounts may relate to (but are not limited to) tax refunds, tax overpayments, cash deposits, cash escrows, cash securities, performance bonds, sheriffs bonds, eminent domain, matured government bonds, real estate foreclosures, vendor payments, restitution payments, proceeds from public sales of lost property, unsuccessful electronic fund transfers, and/or lost heir accounts. 3. Checks or warrants issued by the City of Miami for payments on obligations incurred by any City of Miami agency, department, office, court, college or other authorized authority that have remained outstanding for a period of six months or longer; AND the payee retains the right to claim the funds. (i.e. The payment has not been replaced, was not issued in error, and/or the obligation to the payee has not been voided by law.) Specifically, the released records should include the amount held on behalf of the payee/recipient, any available identifying information regarding the recipient of the funds, the date associated with the obligation, and information indicating either the account in which the funds are held or the nature of the payment. Additionally, if City of Miami issued a check that was not negotiated, please provide the check number, the check date, and the address where the payment was sent, if available. Responsive documents may include the following: • Stale Dated/Un-cashed Checks Report/Register • Check/Warrant Reconciliation Report/Register • Unclaimed Checks Report • Bond History Log • Reimbursable Bond Report • Performance Bond Deposit Report/List • Active/Open Cash Deposit List • Property tax overpayment log/ledger • Property tax refund log/ledger Kindly provide this information to me in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Adobe Acrobat format, via email to If this is not possible, please send the information by US mail. If your agency does not maintain these public records and/or you are not the custodian of these public records, please either forward our request to the appropriate agency(ies)/person(s) in possession of the documents we are seeking, or otherwise please provide me with the proper custodian’s name, telephone number and email address. (Agencies/Departments which may be in possession of the documents we are requesting include but are not limited to the Clerk, Treasury, Finance Department, Accounting Department, Auditor, Controller, Tax Collector, Public Works, Building Department, Sheriff, Comptroller, and Court(s)).


June 9, 2015 via email


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