Request #17-330
Re: Public Records Request pursuant to Chapter 119, Florida Statutes
Dear Ms. Mendez:
This firm serves as legal counsel to PMM Consulting Engineers, Corp. (“PMMCE”). This letter
constitutes a public records request under Florida’s Public Records Act, Chapter 119, Florida
Statutes, (the “Act”) to inspect and identify for copying any and all public records of the City of
Miami (the “City”), as the term “public records” is defined and further described in the Act,
regarding the categories set forth below. This request is made on behalf of PMMCE, and any
rights to enforce the terms and conditions of the request or the Public Record Act inure to
Records requested include but are not limited to physical, digital and electronic files,
correspondence, emails (including all attachments thereto), voicemail messages, other personal
media systems, internal memoranda, studies, reports, notes, minutes of meetings, transcripts,
contracts (including any amendments to them), text messages, blog postings, tweets, and any
other public record created, generated, issued or received by the City, wherever located, that is
or has previously been in the possession of the City, including any City employees, elected and appointed officials, in-house or outside attorneys, and any agents, contractors or anyone else
acting on behalf of or under contract with the City.
This request is for any and all public records concerning, regarding or related to:
1. PMMCE, including any of its principals or employees;
2. C.A.P. Government, Inc., including Mr.  and any of its principals or
3. Invitation for Bid No. 602386 – Plans Review and Inspection Services – Citywide (“ITB
4. The City’s decision to reject all bids submitted in response to ITB 602386;
5. Invitation for Bid No. 317282 – Plans Review and Inspection Services – Citywide (“ITB
317282”), including public records related to the preparation of ITB 317282;
6. The opening of PMMCE’s electronically submitted bid in response to ITB 317282
(specifically, I am looking for all digital records and meta-data indicating each time
PMMCE’s electronically submitted bid was accessed or downloaded);
7. The City’s estimates of the number of hours indicated in ITB 317282 for each of the
following positions sought by ITB 317282:
a. Plans Examiners (Building, Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing);
b. Plans Examiners (Structural);
c. Inspectors; and
d. Roofing Inspectors.
8. The advertisement, recruitment or hiring of the following employee positions by the City:
a. Plans Examiners (Building, Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing);
b. Plans Examiners (Structural);
c. Inspectors; and/or
d. Roofing Inspectors.
9. The City’s payment for the following services performed on the City’s behalf by
a. Plans Examiners (Building, Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing);
b. Plans Examiners (Structural);
c. Inspectors; and/or
d. Roofing Inspectors.
As required by the Act, we request that copies of all public records maintained in an electronic
recordkeeping system be provided in the medium in which the records are maintained, unless we
agree otherwise, as explained further below. As further required by the Act, if any person who
has custody of a record otherwise responsive to this request contends that all or part of the
requested record is confidential or exempt from inspection and copying, he or she shall state in
writing and with particularity the reasons for the conclusion that the record is exempt or
confidential, and include the statutory citation to any exemption created or afforded by statute
that the person claims is applicable. In addition, if the person who has custody of a public record
asserts that an exemption applies to a part of such record, the person shall redact that portion of
the record to which an exemption has been asserted and validly applies, and such person shall
produce the remainder of such record for inspection and copying.
The public records requested herein should be retrieved on an expedited basis and produced
without delay as required by the Act. In addition, each of the foregoing categories should be
treated as an independent public records request, and the documents provided in response to
these categories should be provided for inspection as soon as the public records custodian is able
to make them available. In other words, we wish to review the records produced in response to
this request or its independent categories as soon as they have been retrieved.
We further request, at your earliest opportunity and before commencing actual production of the
public records, unless this would otherwise unduly delay production, that you provide us with the
opportunity to discuss with you the specific procedures, format and costs for producing,
inspecting and copying the aforementioned public records, and how this can be accomplished in
a mutually cooperative manner to the greatest extent possible. In this regard, we would prefer
that copies be provided in electronic form to the greatest extent possible, in order to minimize the
financial and environmental costs associated with such copying.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


May 11, 2017 via email


None Assigned





Point of Contact

Maria C. Meaux

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Closed due to Lack of Response from Requestor

The City contacted the requestor for clarification of their public records request. The City received no response from the requestor and is closing the ticket accordingly. Please contact the City if you would like to make a new records request. Thank you.

June 27, 2017, 3:02pm
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