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May 7, 2019 Via email & fax (305-858-1610)

Todd B. Hannon

City Clerk, City of Miami

3500 Pan American Drive

Miami, Florida 33133

RE: Public records request (PRR) — key word search

Mr. Hannon,

Per Florida's Public Records Law (F.S., Chapter 119), request is hereby made for public records

detailed below.

I am requesting records in the broadest sense, per F.S. 119.011(1), in an Outlook *.pst file format, as

the City’s IT Department has (helpfully) done in the past.

I am providing the following to make my PRR as painless as possible:

! Time Period (“Time Period”). From Jan. 1, 2015, to the present (defined as the date this

PRR is fulfilled by your IT Department).

! Covered City Domains:

! Key Word Search Terms. Please use the following key word search terms for a “compound

search” of the city’s servers (NOT CASE SENSITIVE).

1. “Outfront Media”

2. “Out Front Media”

3. “Outfront”

4. “out Front”

5. “bus shelter”

6. “bus shelters”

! Requested Information. Please provide any and all correspondence, including any attached

or documents referenced in the correspondence, by and between the above entities and any

individuals during the time frame. This should specifically include emails and calendar events on the

above City domains.

I am not required under Florida law to file separate records requests with the individual departments

that might possess the requested public records. As such, please forward this request to the



If this request will take more than five (5) business days to fulfill, please provide copies as they

become available. If a requested item does not exist, please state as such in writing. If you deny my

request in part or in whole, please do so in writing and cite the specific statutory exemption you are

claiming. A partial denial should not hold up release of files not claimed as exempt.

I reserve the right to:

" Appeal any partial or complete denial of this request.

" Pursue all administrative and legal remedies to obtain the requested public records.

" Recoup any legal expenses incurred contesting a denial.

Per F.S. 119.07(1)(a), I will pay the actual cost of obtaining these records. If you anticipate “extensive

use” of IT resources or staff, per F.S. 119.07(1)(b), please provide a written estimate (which I will not

pay for) and your justification for doing so.

If you don’t charge a simple hourly IT fee, or a per page charge, I will require an itemized invoice

once my entire request is fulfilled. Please include details about the personnel who fulfilled this request

(e.g., names, job titles, time incurred, hourly base rates of pay, etc.).

Finally, I would appreciate emails instead of phone calls to communicate. It’s been my experience

that doing so makes everything faster and smoother.

Thanks so much for the speedy fulfillment of my PRR. It’s much appreciated.

Best regards,

Keith Donner



May 7, 2019 via email


City Attorney's Office/Law Department





Point of Contact

Angela Moreland

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