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I am a PhD student at UIC and we are currently studying Housing Assistantship Waitlist Composition.

I searched through your website; however, I could not find the 4 important information that are key to our study. Hence, under the Under the Freedom of Information Act, I we would like to request the following information:

1.       Size of the waiting list (i.e. Number of households on the waiting list per Housing Assistantship program)

2.       Fraction (%) of the waiting list that has:


2.1.  At least one person with disability


2.2.   At least one elderly member (+65)


2.3.   At least one elderly member (+65) with disability


The ideal dataset would contain data from 2001 to 2019, with a monthly frequency, broken down by housing programs


  • For Housing Vouchers, Jan 2011, 20% of the waiting list was +65, 15% was disabled, and 13% was both old and disabled
  • For Public Housing, Jan 2011, 30% of the waiting list was +65, 25% was disabled, and 10% was both old and disabled

Would you have the above information available or something similar to share with us?

Thank you beforehand for your consideration of this request.


June 12, 2019 via email


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Ryan Steed

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