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Dear Public Records Department,
RE: Public Records Request of Lourdes Blanco the former Executive Director of Miami Sports
& Exhibition Authority (“MSEA”) who is presently employed by the City of Miami. The request is made,
by and through undersigned counsel, to the City of Miami and the Public Records custodian for
records, whether archived or not, of MSEA.
Relevant Facts: On June 30, 2019, Christopher Rose sent Nathan Kurland, Erica Paschal, Eloy
Garcia, Donavan Dawson, and Munirah Daniel an appointment request, seeking to Meet at City Hall
to go to City National Bank at 25 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33130 to Go To Bank to Withdraw
MSEA Funds to Put in City Accounts. An Alert was again sent on July 3, 2019. Early Monday morning
on July 8, 2019 to these persons. Lourdes Blanco, the former MSEA Executive Director, was then
called on July 8, 2019 with a High Priority call to sign certain financial documents. MSEA was
abolished in November 2018. Lourdes Blanco has no knowledge of any legal authority she has
relating to the transfer of public taxpayer funds once she was stripped of her rights and
responsibilities as MSEA Executive Director.
Pursuant to Article I, section 24 of the Florida Constitution, and chapter 119, F.S., Ms. Blanco is
requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records that are described herein,
itemized for your convenience. The documents requested are Public Records, to the extent they are
in the possession and/or control of the City of Miami 1 and must be made available timely for
such inspection pursuant to Florida Law. The following Public Records are herein the subject of this
1. Any Lease Agreements (including any modifications) between MSEA and/or the City of
Miami as landlords with any tenants of the properties once managed under MSEA including:
a. Watson Island Heliport Corporation; and
b. Chalks Airlines, Inc.
2. Any Attornment prepared by the City Attorney acknowledging the City of Miami as the new
landlord of any lease agreement once under MSEA including:
a. Watson Island Heliport Corporation; and
1 The above phrase “in the possession and/or control of the City of Miami” as contemplated in this
request expressly includes any records in the possession and/or control of the records custodian of any MSEA
records (whether archived or not), any and all MSEA directors, and any person presently employed by the
City of Miami named in Paragraph 1(d)(ii)(A).
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b. Chalks Airlines, Inc.
3. Any documents showing Proof of Payment for rent’s paid, or required to be paid, under all
the aforementioned leases once MSEA was abolished.
4. Any emails and/or communications expressly authorizing Lourdes Blanco to perform
financial transaction on behalf of MSEA after the MSEA was abolished (details described
5. Any communications between any City of Miami Employees that discuss Lourdes Blanco
closing any financial accounts on behalf of MSEA.
6. Any communication from the Financial Institution at Issue requiring Lourdes Blanco’s
7. Any communications from, or to, the Mayor Francis Suarez, relating to this matter.
8. Financial Statements Certified by Anthony Brunson for MSEA fiscal years 2017 and 2018.
9. Financial Records of all funds withdrawn on or after July 8, 2019 from any MSEA Accounts.
10. Financial Records of all deposits made of the aforementioned funds into any accounts.
If there are any fees for searching or copying these records, please inform me the cost before
filling my request.


August 12, 2019 via phone






Point of Contact

Angela Moreland

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All responsive public records have been released and are available for download. This ticket is being closed accordingly. 

March 24, 2020, 4:52pm
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September 5, 2019, 9:28am
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August 13, 2019, 5:20pm