Request #20-1814

1)  packet materials and related research to include traffic and parking impact studies the Commissioners have reviewed. **Note: If the ordinance sponsors and/or voting commissioners have not requested or reviewed any traffic or parking impact studies prior to placing this item on the agenda and/or taking action please indicate such. 

2) Requesting access to or a copy of the names of all developers and/or agents working on behalf of developers to include lobbyists who have engaged with Commissioners on the crafting of this ordinance. 

3) List of related public hearings and copies of notice indicating how impacted single-family homeowners were notified of proposed change. 

4) Copies of all individuals and parties who wrote an email or sent a letter either for or against this ordinance.  

5) Any and all documentation indicating how this ordinance would directly impact the property values of impacted homeowners. If the commissioners did not inquire to any city department or housing expert as to how this zoning change may financial harm impacted single-family homeowners please indicate as such. 

6) A list of all developers petitioning the City of Miami and/or in support of this ordinance. 

7) A list of the names and number of visits a developer and/or agent of a developer, to include a lobbyist, has met with a City of Miami Commisioner about this ordinance and the length of time of that related phone call, in-person meeting, or virtual meeting per commissioner since January 2019. 


June 29, 2020 via email


City Clerk





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Maricarmen Lopez

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City Clerk
June 29, 2020, 10:49am
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June 29, 2020, 10:49am