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02/05/19 In accordance with Chapter 119 of Florida Statutes, we hereby make the following public records r... Ryan Steed
07/08/18 Please provide time for an in-person inspection and copies of all public records related to items... Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
01/25/19 Hi Rosa, would you have a copy of the 2019 submittal deadlines similar to the schedule attached, ... Ryan Steed
11/13/18 I am requesting the opportunity to review the file of the ULTRA Music Festival prior to Thursday'... DREAM Ryan Steed
07/18/18 Pursuant to Article I, section 24 of the Florida Constitution, and chapter 119, F.S., I am making... Mayor; City Commission Domini Gibbs
03/05/19 Hello, Pursuant to Ch. 119 of the Florida Statutes, I'm requesting the draft agenda for the Marc... Ryan Steed
08/22/18 Please provide a copy of:   - The agenda for every Plat & Street Committee meeting held or ... City Clerk Ryan Steed
08/21/18 Copies of the agenda, agenda backup, minutes and any audio of the November 15, 2001 City Commissi... City Clerk; Communications Ryan Steed
08/06/18 Pursuant to Florida Statute 119, please consider this a public records request for the following ... Auditor General Ryan Steed
09/12/18 I am a journalist writing to request records pursuant to your state’s public records law and any ... Auditor General Ryan Steed
06/28/18 We are an auditing firm located in the Washington D. C. area. AMC is attorney-in-fact for most of... Auditor General; Community & Eco. Dev.; Parks & Rec. Ryan Steed
05/15/18 Good afternoon. I hope this message finds you well.  Under FS 119, please provide me with a copy ... Auditor General Ryan Steed
05/18/18 Good afternoon, We obtained a copy of several audits made by Miami to the manager of Melreese Go... Auditor General Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
05/14/18 Hello Under FS 119 please provide following the public records: Copy of contract of operation o... Auditor General Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
05/15/18 Dear City Manager:
This is Jose Lambiet at the Miami Herald. I understand the City of Miami...
Auditor General Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
07/02/18 Good Morning Jose, I'd like a copy of the last contract between the Trust and ULTRA. Also, I'd ... Bayfront Park Ryan Steed
05/22/18 Good afternoon, This is a public records request for the following information from the City of ... Film & Entertainment; Bayfront Park Cameitra Telfort
06/25/18 Please provide the full minutes for the November 19, 1987 Commission meeting.  Additionally, pro... City Clerk; Bayfront Park Domini Gibbs
07/02/18 I'd like a copy of the ticketing manifest and other details to support the forecasted $1.2M in su... Bayfront Park Ryan Steed
09/12/18 This is a request for the Change Memo dealing with the $3 million transfer from the Bayfront Park... Bayfront Park ; City Manager Domini Gibbs
09/14/18 Hello,    I am requesting a letter that Sam Dubbin sent to the City of Miami regarding Ultra Mu... Bayfront Park ; Mayor; City Manager; City Commission Ryan Steed
12/26/18 I am hereby requesting, on behalf of Itai Benosh, Ken Schwartz, the 50 Biscayne Condominium Assoc... Bayfront Park Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
01/10/19 Please provide a copy of the 2019 Wodapalooza contract executed by the Bayfront Park Management T... Bayfront Park Ryan Steed
01/22/19 I am requesting a copy of the Proposal submitted by Live Nation in response to the procurement fo... Bayfront Park Ryan Steed
02/04/19 Please provide the contract executed by the Bayfront Park Management Trust for the 2019 Miami Mar... Bayfront Park Ryan Steed
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