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01/28/19 Seeking any records of Open/Outstanding fire code, building code or zoning code violations at the... Code Ryan Steed
01/27/19 Good Morning Commissioner,

I have attached a copy of a Twitter announcement you made thi...
Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
01/28/19 Hello, I am working on behalf of Teco People's Gas to obtain a copy of any ROW permits or sidewal... Ryan Steed
01/28/19 I am requesting copies of the final decisions for the following waiver applications:   1502 NE ... Ryan Steed
01/28/19   The Miami Community Police Benevolent Association (MCPBA) respectfully request a copy of Chief... Human Resources Ryan Steed
01/28/19 Crime rate, a list with police unsolved cases and a list with ineffective institutions in Little ... Police Ryan Steed
01/29/19 Can you send me the minutes from the zoning board hearing on 6/12/06 which adopted resolution no.... Hearing Boards Ryan Steed
01/29/19 request from Eddy Leal regarding any and all documents Planning and/or Hearing Boards may have fo... Hearing Boards Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
01/29/19 Dear Records Custodian:               This request is directed to you as records custodian for ... Cameitra Telfort
01/29/19 This is a public records request to view, and if necessary, request copies of plans submitted to ... Ryan Steed
01/29/19 Rhonda Dixon 1-23-19 EMS Report - Med & Billing Ryan Steed
01/29/19 I’m looking to obtain an inventory database of all the space that the City of Miami leases space ... DREAM Ryan Steed
01/29/19 1621 NW 69th Terrace Unsafe Structure Violations   Ryan Steed
01/24/19 Pursuant to Fl Stat. 119, please provide me with the City of Miami opt-in email distribution list. Communications Ryan Steed
01/30/19 When you have an opportunity, could you please send my a copy of the presentation by Civitas (sp?... Virginia Key Beach Park Trust Xavier Alban
01/30/19 Can you send me the minutes from the zoning board hearing on 6/12/06 which adopted resolution no.... Hearing Boards Ryan Steed
01/30/19 Please provide a shapefile (GIS data) reflecting current zoning for the City of Miami. The zoning... Ryan Steed
01/30/19 Thanks for taking my call just now. As I said over the phone, my name is Kadian Crawford, and I a... Ryan Steed
01/30/19 I would like a list of all people blocked on the Twitter account @JoeCarolloNow which is run by C... City Commission Ryan Steed
01/30/19 the union is requesting you please send us the most current roster containing all bargaining unit... Human Resources Ryan Steed
01/30/19 Hi,  I am requesting for a video that occur on 12/31/18 @ NW 22 Ave and NW 7 Street. Our drivers... Police Ryan Steed
01/30/19 any and all documents (particularly correspondence) Planning and/or Hearing Boards may have for a... Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
01/31/19 I am requesting a copy of a fire report for an fire that took place on:   Incident date:  Octob... Ryan Steed
01/31/19 Req records for our client Eduardo A Pinillos Ruiz Ryan Steed
01/31/19    I would like to submit a Records request containing a list of new open Business for the month... Ryan Steed