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04/12/17 All records pertaining to treatment rendered by Fire Rescue Jessica O'Neill
04/12/17 I am contacting you today from the City of Port St. Lucie’s Office of the Mayor & City Counci... Jessica O'Neill
04/12/17 all information submitted by EB Jacobs in response to the Request for Proposal for the Fire Promo... Public Records
03/29/17 I am hereby requesting any further public records/communications between FHP Tectonics and City o... Maria C. Meaux
04/11/17 I am looking to obtain a copy of the plans for the property at 3138 NW 22 Ave (Folio # 01-3127-02... Jessica O'Neill
04/11/17        I am writing to request all documents pertaining to any reports for a lost or stolen cellu... Maria C. Meaux
04/11/17 Need help for a lawsuit case I am working with outside counsel on. We have tried locally on our o... Jessica O'Neill
04/11/17 I would like to make a request for a copy of the 2016 reprimand issued for former City of Miami P... Maria C. Meaux
04/11/17 We request the following public records related to 2657 NW 36th Street for the period of January ... Jessica O'Neill
04/10/17 Request for all plans and survey As well as any approvals associated with the property related to... Jessica O'Neill
04/10/17  2455 NW 13th Ave Miami FL 33142 I am a property preservation company representing the mortgage ... Maria C. Meaux
04/10/17   I would like to find out if the City of Miami has legal ownership of NW 37 Avenue and NW 7 Str... Jessica O'Neill
04/03/17 Can you please provide us with an electronic copy of the plans, letter of intent, waiver and/ or ... Public Records
04/10/17 Good Afternoon,   I would like my public record request for the police officer position for the... Maria C. Meaux
04/10/17 Thank you for the presentation on Miami Marine Stadium this past Saturday, April 8, 2017. Per ou... Jessica O'Neill
04/10/17 From: Milberg, Glenna [mailto:gmilberg@wplg.com] Sent: Friday, April 07, 2017 10:47 AM To: De l... Maria C. Meaux
04/07/17 Please provide all resolutions, legislation and memoranda related to the September 2014 "4th Amen... Maria C. Meaux
04/07/17 Good morning,   Pursuant to Florida Statutes Chpt. 119, I'm writing to request the following re... Maria C. Meaux
04/07/17 All actuarial studies and other studies and reports and analyses which show the cost of health in... Jessica O'Neill
04/07/17 Pursuant to Fla. Stat. Section 447, Part II, please provide AFSCME Local 1907 with the following ... Jessica O'Neill
04/07/17 At this time our office is requesting any and all documents and information pertaining to Notice ... Jessica O'Neill
04/07/17 Video of the March 21st Civil Service Board Meeting Jessica O'Neill
04/06/17 Hello    May I get a copy of the latest Bayfront Park Trust Budget please    Thank you! Jessica O'Neill
04/06/17 Dear attendant,   My name is owner of apartment  condo at    As it's a public record. I would... Jessica O'Neill
04/06/17 Dear Madam/Sir:

I'm submitting a request for public records, as follows:

All Notice...
City Attorney's Office/Law Department Jessica O'Neill