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04/06/17 To Whom It May Concern:   I would like to request a list of the city's uncashed checks that are... Maria C. Meaux
04/06/17 Dear Sir or Madam:   Per Open Public Records Laws, Don McNea Fire School is requesting the foll... Chondria Young
04/06/17 To Whom It May Concern,               I am writing to request all documents pertaining to any i... Maria C. Meaux
04/06/17 PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST To whom it may concern: Pursuant to the state open records act, I reques... Chondria Young
04/06/17 Legal Memo? Legal Opinion? Please provide a Legal Memo written by then City Attorney Julie Bru City Attorney's Office/Law Department Jessica O'Neill
04/05/17 Please provide a copy of the files submitted for the following items on the agenda at the Plat &a... Chondria Young
04/05/17 Good morning,     I am requesting the procurement records for   IFB602386 : 2016 plans revie... Maria C. Meaux
04/04/17 Judge Victoria Brennan has requested the following documents.  Please provide copies to her via e... Maria C. Meaux
04/04/17 Hello,   Attached is a freedom of information request. Please feel free to contact me if you ha... Jessica O'Neill
04/04/17 Please provide a copy of the Plat & Street Committee agenda for the April 2017 meeting. Chondria Young
04/04/17 In accordance with Chapter 119 of Florida Statutes, we hereby make the following public records r... Chondria Young
04/04/17 I would like to know about any and all violations and/or liens placed on the property located at ... Chondria Young
04/03/17 Good Afternoon,     The Parks and Recreation Department has received a request for a list of p... Maria C. Meaux
04/03/17 Good Afternoon,   RE: Lease Agreement dated April 6, 2016 - Museum of Science and The City of M... Chondria Young
04/03/17 This is a public records request for all email communications between  and/or Megan Schmitt (both... Chondria Young
03/31/17 information limited to any development approval, i.e. variance, exception, warrant or waiver for ... Ryan Steed
03/31/17 Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a Doctoral student with Capella University and I am performing a records ...
Maria C. Meaux
03/30/17 We would like to request an email query with the criteria below. Please let me know if you need a... Jessica O'Neill
03/31/17 Please consider this my public records request for the following documents: All records, documen... Chondria Young
03/30/17 Hi Xavier,   I hope this e-mail finds you well.  It was a pleasure speaking with you a couple w... Chondria Young
03/29/17 Good afternoon to whom it may concern,   I am writing to you to request a copy of the existing ... Chondria Young
03/29/17 The emails of every City Employee, including Fire and Police.   The Requestor is Hope DePlisi –... Chondria Young
03/29/17 Good morning,    Please advice procedure to acquire construction plans for :     Property na... Jessica O'Neill
03/27/17 Location:  7140 SW 4th Street Miami, FL 33144 Date:   3/23/2016 to 4/24/2016 Our office is the ... Michelle Redruello
03/27/17 I would like to make a public records request for all communication within the city of Miami incl... Jessica O'Neill