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02/16/17 All records, correspondence, citation, etc. related to Code violations and enforcement in connect... Maria C. Meaux
02/16/17 Good afternoon,   Please provide our office with any open code violations for property address ... Chondria Young
02/16/17 By means of this email I am submitting a public request and need it to be expedited. We are reque... Jessica O'Neill
02/16/17 Good afternoon Dr. Kraus, Sir, I am respectfully requesting the raw scores for the Miami Fire Li... Chondria Young
02/16/17 Request: List of new businesses Timeframe: January 2017 to Present   Chondria Young
02/15/17 Re:       Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Property Condition Report Public Records Requ... City Clerk Maria C. Meaux
02/15/17 Could you also provide me with info on which banks and financial institutions or credit unions th... Jessica O'Neill
02/15/17 Dear Maria:   I hope you are doing well. As you may recall, last month I submitted a request fo... Maria C. Meaux
02/15/17 Public Records Request Regarding Stephen E. Herbits and the Coalition Against Causeway Chaos, Inc... Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
02/15/17 The union is requesting a list of employees that are currently and/or have been working outside o... Chondria Young
02/14/17   We are hereby requesting a copy of all public records maintained by your agency regarding job ... Maria C. Meaux
02/14/17 Marx|Okubo Associates, Inc. has been contracted to perform an observation and report on the above... Maria C. Meaux
02/14/17 Under Chapter 119 of the Florida Public Records law, please provide me with a copy of the contrac... Maria C. Meaux
02/14/17 Hello,   Please provide me with a copy of all plans and related application documentation for t... Chondria Young
02/14/17 Good evening Mr. City Manager Daniel J. Alfonso,    This is a public records request as per Flo... Chondria Young
02/13/17    This is a public records request for information relating to a property 1669 Onaway Drive, Mia... Maria C. Meaux
02/13/17 Persuant to Ch.119, F.S., the undersigned hereby requests all available backup and supporting doc... Maria C. Meaux
02/13/17 Re: Open Record Request
Dear Records Custodian:
The following request is being made state o...
Chondria Young
02/10/17 Good Morning,

Since the Mayor has stated that the 51 times he availed himself of special...
Jessica O'Neill
02/10/17 Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about this recent violation # 4419/C22-18 regardin... Chondria Young
02/09/17 records request for the “Phase II” draft of AiPP Chondria Young
02/09/17 can you please provide me with copies all tree permit approvals for property located at 1001 S. M... Maria C. Meaux
02/09/17 On behalf of Stephen Herbits, Roger Craver and Sharon Wynne, I am requesting, under Chapter 119, ... Stephanie Schloss-Sassi
02/09/17 Onvia is submitting a public records request to City of Miami. Can you please provide contract aw... Maria C. Meaux
02/09/17 RE:  3031 NW 19th Avenue, Miami (Hadley Gardens Apts.) Hello, I would like to request the follo... Michelle Redruello