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12/28/16 Please be advised that this firm represents car2go in the above referenced lawsuit. Pursuant to A... Jessica O'Neill
12/28/16 I would like to request the CU history on the referenced property.  We are trying to confirm the ... Jessica O'Neill
12/27/16 Any and all complaints for 1747 SW 8 Street, Miami, FL  Michelle Redruello
12/28/16 Pursuant to the Public Records Act, Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes, this is a request that a... Public Records
12/27/16 I would like to request all records related to operational permits, class II approvals, Warrants ... Michelle Redruello
12/27/16 For the City's self-funded health insurance program, please provide records showing:    1 . Mon... Michelle Redruello
12/24/16 Hi City of Miami Public Records Division,

This is a public records request for a Lease S...
Michelle Redruello
12/08/16 Herald Video Request Public Records
12/23/16 Good morning, I had a couple questions regarding the portion of the Miami Worldcenter site that ... Michelle Redruello
12/23/16 To whom it may concern: This email serves as a formal public records request for the following z... Michelle Redruello
12/19/16 Property Address: 2675 S Bayshore Dr Unit 1201-S I am working on a purchase in Grove at Grand Ba... Michelle Redruello
12/23/16 I need additional documents related to the above COM Contract B30606. CBE Compliance department ... Michelle Redruello
12/22/16 I'm writing to request the notice of termination issued today regarding three probationary police... Michelle Redruello
12/21/16 It is my understanding that the City of Miami conducted an inspection of some power lines near 39... Michelle Redruello
12/21/16 I would like to submit a public records request for a copy of the Major Use Special Permit (MUSP)... Michelle Redruello
12/21/16 Please send me all open citations filed against Design Place Apartments and/or its owner SPV realty. Michelle Redruello
12/21/16 RE: 1101 Brickell Avenue; Panorama Tower I seek the 2006 Major Use Special Permit (MUSP) and sub... Jessica O'Neill
12/21/16 Hello,   I would like to request a copy of all tenant complaints made to the city since Jan 1. ... Michelle Redruello
12/21/16 I would like to make a public records request for all correspondence between Chalks Airlines, Inc... Michelle Redruello
12/20/16 Hello - I would like to receive a copy of the contract surrounding the benches bolted on Biscayne... Chondria Young
12/19/16 Per the correspondence below, I am doing research on the property at 2501-2505 NW 5th Avenue, Fol... Chondria Young
12/19/16 Is there anyone monitoring CE 1996 023 440 for 2918 Bird Road that I >>> can speak with... Chondria Young
12/19/16 Good Afternoon,

Thank you for the quick response on the Rickia Isacc information.
Michelle Redruello
12/19/16 Please accept this request for a Public Records Search for the following properties. I am request... Jessica O'Neill
12/19/16 Hello.   I am interested in finding out if your City has conducted a survey on where your resid... Jessica O'Neill